Work Package 6: Urban environment and breast cancer risk

Work package 6 provides Information on the exposure to atmospheric and water pollutants and evaluation of the built environment (e.g., green spaces) where women with a diagnosis of cancer work, using the cancer registries of Italy, Greece, Spain and Ukraine.

More specifically, the work package's objectives are the following :

  • Provide a first upper level analysis of atmospheric pollution concentrations, open spaces and bicycle lanes availability by neighbourhood on ten selected European towns including Milan, Athens, Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Evaluate the contributions of open spacessuch as cycling roads, parks and generally infrastructures towards the decrease of air pollution density (ambient particulate matter - PM) and thus breast cancer incidence;
  • Access the severity of the aforementioned correlation in heavily burdened with air pollution and unhealthy urban environment Municipalities among participants’ (Milan, Athens, Ivano-Frankivsk) on neighbourhood level.
  • Involve stakeholders, such as Municipalities, civil society organisations and patient’s organisations to contribute from their point of view and actions on the subject.
  • Identify insufficiencies and propose actions to improve the urban environment and thus the breast cancer occurrence in citizens.