Cittadini per l'Aria onlus / ETS (CPA)





  • Anna Gerometta

We are citizens who have chosen to commit themselves to defend the right to breathe clean air.

Air quality is not a negotiable good, because it affects our very lives. The damage that air pollution causes to the population, the environment, the cultural heritage in our country today is, in fact, incalculable.

We work to share data and information, promote virtuous behaviour, propose effective strategies and solutions, urge public administrations and businesses to really change. The European legislative process is crucial for each Member State for the improvement of policies at internal level. This is why we believe that the technical and scientific work carried out in Europe and the European standards on the subject of air and climate change are of great inspiration, usefulness and importance for pushing policies in Italy.

Our association intends to support these legislative processes so that they take place in a transparent manner for citizens and are as effective as possible according to the right of European citizens to breathe clean air and the need to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Likewise, European citizens' associations for environmental protection come with tools, knowledge, and examples which it would be short-sighted not to fully benefit from. This is why we propose to support the work of the following associations in Italy. CPA will support the ELISAH project as (BEN). Cittadini per l'Aria onlus / ETS (CPA) is a strategic association for the protection of citizens on air quality in large urban cities, and will support us for the dissemination of results on the environmental and health impact of the subjects involved in the project. This support is important for the ELISAH Project.

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