Fundacio Institut D'investigacio Sanitaria Pere Virgili (IISPV)





  • Jaume Galceran
  • Marià Carulla
  • Francina Saladié
  • Cristina Miracle
  • Alberto Ameijide

Since its inception in 2005, the IISPV has been working to ensure that biomedical research translates into better quality clinical practice for the benefit of patients and the improved well-being of our population. Our Institute involves more than 400 people, including researchers, technicians, and support staff, who make it possible to achieve its goals. It is also worth mentioning all the health personnel who, with their work at the patient’s bedside, belong to a complementary, fundamental structure that allows combining healthcare, teaching, and research to be a reality in our health institutions. Our research covers a wide range of diseases that combine fundamental or basic science with clinical research, with a valuable translational component, to reach the patient and society as directly as possible. The IISPV has a high profile among the country’s research institutions and is part of the CERCA institution (Research Centres of Catalonia Institution (I-CERCA)). Furthermore, the research groups enjoy international prestige, belonging to different European networks and working in close collaboration with researchers around the world.

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