The Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer (FECEC)




The NGO Catalan Federation of Organisations Against Cancer (FECEC) is a second-level entity formed by 15 organisations working together to improve the life quality of cancer patients and their families.

The Federation, created on 13 February 2001, aims to integrate efforts in the fight against cancer-related diseases in Catalonia. It provides census information and serves member organisations, while promoting volunteer actions in the oncology sector.

It further develops programmes for spreading information and prevention strategies and supports psychosocial research.

Subject to Government of Catalonia regulations as a non-profit organisation, FECEC was declared a public service organisation by the Catalan Justice Department on 10 September 2008. FECEC will collaborate with the ELISAH project and with the Joint Action on ‘Cancer and other NCDs prevention’ through the organization of events and actions that improve lifestyles that reduce the cancer burden (as a third party giving in-kind contributions).

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