LifeCharger Srl


LifeCharger is an innovative startup founded in 2019 to develop innovative mHealth and eHealth solutions to:

1) Support the synergy and the therapeutic alliance between PATIENT, INFORMAL CAREGIVERS and PROFESSIONAL CAREGIVERS

2) Facilitate patient’s self-monitoring and remote patient monitoring

3) Improve patients’ engagement and therapeutic adherence for patients, especially chronic patients, performing at-home therapies.

LifeCharger is dedicated to creating health and wellness services, actively collaborating with leading academic institutions, to ensure services are aligned with the latest scientific findings and standards of care.

Continuous research and development is central to our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions. Our mission is to provide solutions that improve the quality of life, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology. LifeCharger is committed to creating monitoring and support paths that combine structured interaction between the user and healthcare personnel through our LifeCharger App.

LifeCharger actively participates to national and European R&D and PCP projects:

-REHABILITYOPEN, led by the Greek technology centre; Foundation For Research And Technology Hellas (FORTH), which participated in the first phase of the ROSIA PCP, which wants to pave the way for an extensive deployment of the self-care model for long-term conditions and disabilities by first focusing on rehabilitation.  

- SmarHT, coordinated by the company INNOVA which participated in the first 2 phases of the HSMonitor PCP, investing in R&D services towards innovative ICT-enabled monitoring solutions to improve health status and optimise hypertensioncare.

- RE-Hub-ILITY, part of the Intelligent Health Industry, Health and LIFE SCIENCE ecosystem. It aims to develop and validate rehabilitation and care strategies for chronic patients, through the technological and sustainable implementation of an innovative ICT infrastructure for the delivery of personalized home rehabilitation services.

LifeCharger will provide the digital platform used inside WP4, including mobile app for patients and citizens and a web-dashboard for health professionals and researchers, supporting the women’s engagement in the lifestyle change intervention, activity tracking and monitoring, data collection and sharing.

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